New 2020 Pricing

New 2020 Pricing

Posted by Stefan Hunter on 9th Jan 2020

Hello Wholesale Friends,

Happy New Year to all of you!

We have loaded new online pricing for our hospitality items (skus starting with HOS or SWD). There are a couple things of note:

1. When ordering online for any HOS or SWD items, we have already taken 5% off the wholesale price. This discount is for those using the self-serve website (perfect for smaller orders, sample orders, etc). If you have a large complicated order with truck shipping, special timing, ship windows in the future, etc. we recommend working with the sales support team who will manually enter your order; but you will pay the full wholesale price.

2. We plan to enforce case pack only quantities for items in the hospitality catalog around February 2020. At that time we will add back in pre-paid freight for those case packs (to simplify your prices vs. having to customize for each and every shipment). Those prices with built in freight will be unique to online only.

Here is a PDF of the ONLINE only prices as of 1/9/20.